Association Management services

We specialize in working with associations who have either never had management services or are looking for part-time administrative help.

Services we provide include:

Executive Management

  • Designated Executive acts as a liason and point of contact for your association's officials
  • Oversees the managers and your implementation team

Governance Support

  • Assists with implementation of board actions, policies and directives to advance the goals of the organization
  • Compiles and distributes meeting agendas, reports and minutes
  • Coordinates voting processes
  • Provides staff support for committees

Meeting Management

  • Manages site selection and hotel contract negotiations
  • Supports program development
  • Guides grant requests and sponsorship processes
  • Manages all facets of registration

Membership Management

  • Designs and implements membership recruitment and retention campaigns and dues collection
  • Creates and maintains member database 
  • Coordinates production of membership directory 
  • Prepares regular membership statistical reports and analyzes results
  • Designs and implements membership recruitment and retention campaigns and dues collection

Financial Management

  • Develops and implements comprehensive controls following documented best practices
  • Develops budgets
  • Processes receivables and payables Produces and analyzes monthly financial statements

Marketing Strategy & Communications

  • Develops strategies, tools, communications and website to promote association programs, products and services
  • Produces print and digital newsletters, surveys, organizational communications and conference materials
  • Maintains media, industry and organizational contact listings
  • Manages production and distribution of society journals


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